Posted by on 5/23/2016
Regrettably certain individuals are defrauding on-line merchants by having goods delivered to addresses other than the billing address for the payment method selected.

Whether this is being perpetrated by individuals who have stolen credit card information, or by the real owner of the credit card looking for an excuse to dispute the charge once the good have been delivered, the effect is the same.

Fonesys regrets the inconvenience, but we can no longer accept orders for delivery to an address other than the confirmed billing address for the payment method you wish to use.

If you want to do a "blind ship" direct to your customer please contact us at 516-539-3039 and we will arrange to verify your identity and take your order.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience, but are forced to adopt this measure so as not to lose revenue to unscrupulous sacks of s#@t.