Sales Tax Exemption

Fonesys does not collect Sales Tax on goods shipped and billed to an address outside New York State. 

We do, however, collect and remit to New York State and the applicable municipality the appropriate Sales Tax if the purchaser is based within, has a billing address within, or is using a ship-to address within New York State. We don't get to keep this money, and really wish we didn't have to be bothered with it,  but our accountant says we will get is a whole mess of trouble if we don't.

If you are a Reseller based in New York, or you are based outside New York State but shipping and/or billing to an address in New York State. and do not want to be charged NY Sales Tax you must file a valid sales tax exemption form with us.  

For your convenience, click HERE to for a copy of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance form ST-120, Resale Certificate, which can be completed on-screen and then saved locally to sign and send.

Customers based in New York State or using a payment method with an address in New York State should fill in the Date and complete Part 1 (be sure to check "A", Tangible personal property) and Part 3.

Customers who are based outside New York State should fill in the Date and Parts 2 and 3. Again, be sure to check "C" Tangible personal property.

Once completed please use our contact form to request instructions on how to send us a copy. Once filed we can mark your account "Tax Exempt" and you will no longer be billed for sales tax.

Please note :-
This page is not an instruction to file a Sales Tax Exemption, nor is it advice as to eligibility. Fonesys, Inc. can only act in good faith based on information supplied by you with regard to charging or not charging Sales Tax on your purchases.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the certificate is not misused and that all goods purchased using this certificate are eligible for sales tax exemption. If you are unsure please consult your tax professional for advice.

At this time, Fonesys, Inc. only has a physical presence in New York State and only applies Sales Tax to goods shipped to or billed to addresses within New York State. For all other shipments it is the customer's responsibility to remit the appropriate Sales Tax(s) to their local jurisdictions.