Polycom SoundStation 2 Avaya 2490 (2305-16375-001) REFURBISHED

Polycom SoundStation 2 Avaya 2490 (2305-16375-001) REFURBISHED

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Polycom SoundStation 2 Avaya 2490 (2305-16375-001)

For Avaya Definity and Avaya Communication Manager users, communicating with crystal clarity couldn’t be easier. Just connect the Avaya 2490 directly into a digital wall jack. You don’t need an analog port, analog adapter, or complicated connections to take advantage of natural two-way conversations.

Avaya 2490 Features

  • Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology - Allows natural, interactive two-way conversations 
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction - Automatically reduces room background noise for clearer sound and more efficient conferencing 
  • Three Cardioid Microphones - Provides 360 degree coverage so that everybody in the room can be heard clearly. 
  • Intelligent Microphone Mixing - Automatically selects the microphone closes to the person speaking, eliminating extraneous background noise 
  • Microphone expandability - Optional extension microphones increase coverage for larger size rooms
  • Backlit Graphical Display - Convenient, easy access to important call information. 
  • Auxiliary Input/Output Jacks - 2.5 mm Applications Port provides connection to other communication devices such as mobile phones and computers 


  • Compatible with Avaya Definity and Avaya Communication Manager systems 
  • Connects directly to a digital station port; the same port used for 2400, 6400, 7400, and 8400 series digital telephones 

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