New Avaya IP500 V1/V2 Power Supply 700500985
New Style (V2) that we are selling.

New Avaya IP500 V1/V2 Power Supply 700500985

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Part Number:700500985

Avaya IP Office 500 IP500 Replacement Power Supply

This is the very hard to find replacement power supply for IP500 V1 and V2 Units. 100% Compatible with both V1 and V2 IP500 Controllers.
The most common failure of the IP500 series base units is the notoriously flakey V1 power supply. Repair yours with a V2 power for a fraction of the cost of a replacement unit.

This Power Supply is GUARANTEED to work in BOTH V1 and V2 IP500 Control Units.
Why go through the aggravation of transferring translations and license keys when you can fix your existing control unit and be back in business in under 30 minutes? 
If it doesn't fix your problem and you return the working power supply to us we will refund your purchase price.*
  • These units are brand new, but arrived in a bulk container so we have re-packaged them individually. 
  • Because these units are often purchased to fix a critical system failure, we re-test every unit in our lab for proper operation.
  • They are complete with mounting screws and the fiberglass back-plate.
  • 12 Month Warranty against manufacturing defects.
Note :- One image shows the V1 power supply, the other image with the dark background is the improved V2 Power which is on-sale here.

* Refund excludes return shipping costs.

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