Avaya Partner ACS API Card (R7) 700369986 New

Avaya Partner ACS API Card (R7) 700369986 New

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The PARTNER Application Programming Interface (API) card is a PCMCIA card, similar to the Backup/Restore Card, Software Upgrade Card, or PARTNER Remote Access PC Card. It replaces the Backup/Restore Card that comes with the PARTNER ACS Release 7 control unit.

Enables the following applications on PARTNER ACS Release 7:
  • Screen pop
  • Small call center
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • 911 solutions
  • Call accounting reports
  • Traffic reports
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

API is a feature enhancement for PARTNER ACS that allows new and existing server based applications from Avaya’s DeveloperConnection program to work with and enhance the operation of PARTNER ACS Release 6 or later systems.

The software allows API to be activated in place of Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR). API is a feature that provides for switch reporting details of incoming, outgoing, transfer and conference traffic on the switch. It also reports entered account codes and the activation/deactivation of Do Not Disturb. API is similar to SMDR, except that all events (for example, off hook, time, originating extension, line accessed, number dialed, Caller ID number, etc.) are sent out the SMDR port (RS232) near real time. SMDR waits until the call is completed and then sends all the data for the entire call.

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