Avaya G450 MP80 (700407802, 700459456) New

Avaya G450 MP80 (700407802, 700459456) New

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The Avaya G450 Media Gateway is a multipurpose media gateway that can be deployed in medium to large sized branch locations.  It works in conjunction with Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software running on Avaya S87XX Servers to help deliver intelligent communications to enterprises of all sizes.

Avaya G450 Features

  • Provides 8 media module slots
  • Equipped with single DSP childboard supporting 80 VoIP channels (MP80)
  • Can add up to 3 additional DSP childboards for a maximum of 240 VoIP channels
  • Includes single power supply unit; can support additional redundant power supply unit
  • Can support up to 450 users when deployed as a branch gateway in a mid to large branch office
  • Can serve up to 2400 users when deployed as a campus gateway
  • Features a VoIP engine, an optional WAN router, and Ethernet LAN connectivity
  • Provides full support for Avaya IP and digital telephones, as well as analog devices such as modems, fax machines, and telephones

Media Module Compatibility

  • The Avaya G450 Media Gateway is compatible with MM710, MM711, MM712, MM714, MM716, MM717, MM720, MM722, MM340, and MM342 Media Modules

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