Avaya 120A6 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) Refurbished

Avaya 120A6 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) Refurbished

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Avaya 120A6 Features

  • In combination with a DS1 circuit pack, it provides the essential functions of external CSUs 
  • Small size, easier to install than external CSU 
  • Does not require any option switch settings or DS1 cable 
  • Vintage 2 provides enhancements to support the payload loopback function available when the ESF framing format is selected (requires 700A loopback jack) 


  • The 120A2 CSU Module is compatible with the following DS1 circuit packs: 
    • TN464E to TN464HP 
    • TN2464CP and earlier 
    • TN767D or TN767E 
    • TN2313 or TN2313AP 
  • Supported on Definity, Multivantage, and Communication Manager servers that support TN circuit packs

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